Reg. 14 Consultation

This page contains the draft Neighbourhood Plan which was out for consultation over the 6 weeks from 28th January to 11th March in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan Documents:
1. Policy Document
2. Allocation maps
3. Housing Site Assessment
4. Employment Site Assessment
5. Green Space Site Assessment
6. Broadsands Village Design Statement
7. Churston Village Design Statement
8. Galmpton Village Design Statement
9. Brixham Town Design Statement
10. Town Master Plan

Supporting Documents:
AECOM Housing Site Assessment


In addition, for ease, there is a short summary version of the plan which contains all the policies and a summary allocation map:
A. Summary Plan Document
B. Summary Allocation Map

The following documents were not part of the consultation but are mentioned in the above documents and provide context to our Neighbourhood Plan.  Following feedback from residents that they have had trouble finding them on the Council’s own website we have chosen to include links on our own website. These documents are:
Torbay Local Plan – Policy Document
Torbay Local Plan – Allocation Maps (opens a download page)
Torbay Port Master Plan – Policy Document